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Our school

School # 27 is a K-12 one and is specializing in the English language. English is taught from the first grade and up to the graduation. We have more English hours than most of the schools in Irkutsk oblast.

Every year our students take part in English language contests in the city and in Irkutsk region and are the tops. So the school proves the reputation of the best one in the region in teaching English.

Our students are also traditionally strong in the Humanities. They are the winners or the prizewinners of regional and all-Russia contests in Literature and the Russian language.

Our school teach us many different subjects as management, Business English and technical translation. Computer instruction is conducted in special computer class. It helps us to discover our special talents and character. It encourages pupils to make serious choice of future occupations.

The school # 27 is not a big one. It has 848 students and 50 teachers. The teaching staff is one of the most qualified in the city. The school is located in downtown area; five minutes walk from the central square.

We believe, you heard of Lake Baikal. There was an article in National Geographic about it in June 1996. Our school is located in 40 miles from the lake.


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